Greg McElroy’s top candidates to replace Clay Helton | This Just In

Objavljeno 14. sep. 2021
Greg McElroy joins This Just In with Max Kellerman to preview Alabama vs. Florida, discuss who his top candidates are to replace Clay Helton at USC and whether Kansas City Chiefs OC Eric Bieniemy should consider the job.

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  • no no names. they'll get a figurehead. someone for TV

  • Witt from Utah

  • What in the world?!? Greg McElroy needs a clue and an update to his resume after that garbage take.

  • M a s k o f f w e b made me happy

  • M a s k o f f w e b. made me happy

  • One of my favorite sports analysts of all time . Glad to see him in a new show . Let this man put his own flare on things . I'm excied to tune in and watch .

  • Why is this the only segment they posted and Max’s name isn’t even in the title?

  • #1. Urban Meyer(won't be long until Jax ousted him, having created rifts and friction there, maybe Bohnhead hinting it'll take a few months to hire a HC) #2. Bob Stoooooooooops #3. Chris Petersen Other than those candidates, SC needs to RAID the Bill Belichick or Nick Saban coaching tree..... People need to Quit with the James Franklin gossip, dude can't even make the CFP!! Whittingham, Fickell, & Campbell ALL signed extended contracts thru 2026 and beyond....

  • Colin Herd's take is spot on! Coaches mentioned are unacceptable with small town resumes and no titles. Go Big and Go Pro. An NFL coach like Pete who can increase 11 claimed (17 overall) national titles, recruit top NFL draft picks and sell out stadiums. Blueprint is set.

  • We need this to get more views and higher ratings than First Take.

  • Max KellerGOAT!!

  • Is Les Miles in trouble still ?

    • @Showa Power sheesh

    • He’s done, if Kansas football don’t want you, D2 is his next destination

  • Jack Del Rio

  • Rooting for you Max!

  • Luke from Cincinnati.

  • Mr. Meyer, The University Of Southern California is on the Line for you.

  • Three terrible coaching candidates: Kelly and Cristobal aren't going anywhere. Pat Fitzgerald - are you kidding me? Here's an idea: Sean Payton. He's from California, coached in the college ranks, likely missed a Super Bowl window with the Saints, and likely would want to more away from a region hit hard by severe weather. Though, he'll probably end of taking the Cowboys job after Mike McCarthy is inevitably dismissed. Another high-profile NFL option: Matt LaFleur. Back-to-back NFC Championship Games, and likely open to a fresh-start once his MVP-caliber, HoF quarterback leaves in the offseason - taking half the skill-position players with him.

  • Butch Jones

  • Greg " I'm not going bald" McElroy

  • Tee Martin Pete Carroll Graham Herrell

  • It’s basically SportsCenter with Max Kellerman

  • So this show is just Get Up in the afternoon? Ok lol

  • It's going to be a unknown that has little experience, USC is the Dallas Cowboys of college football.

    • No, Texas is the Dallas Cowboys of college football. They literally have our old coach as their current coach.

  • This might go unnoticed but I’m an up & Coming Artist worth the listen 👂💯

  • USC needs to pull a Texas A&M and go after a proven winner and recruiter like Jimbo Fisher. Who is that guy? Idk but they have to aim ridiculously high.

  • Get it Max!!

  • This is a stretch but they need a splash play a prime time coach for a prime time program hire deion sanders

  • Bill Obrien or Jack del Rio

    • @Michael Deal as an Ohio State alum (class of 05) , I guess I have a different definition of success .

    • @A Y he had success at Penn State..

    • Obrien is a loser

  • Jack del Rio, Doug pederson, Kris Richards lol