George Kittle loves the 49ers' Jimmy Garoppolo-Trey Lance QB rotation | KJM

Objavljeno 14. sep. 2021
George Kittle loves the 49ers' Jimmy Garoppolo-Trey Lance QB rotation | KJM
San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle joins KJM to discuss the team’s Week 1 win over the Lions as well as competing with the Seattle Seahawks, Los Angeles Rams and Arizona Cardinals in a tough NFC West.
0:00 Kittle gives his takeaways from the 49ers Week 1 win vs. the Detroit Lions.
1:07 Kittle goes in depth on the QB rotation between Jimmy Garoppolo and Trey Lance and what he sees that tells him Lance can be a great QB in the future.
2:38 George Kittle talks about life in the tough division of the NFC West.
3:55 Kittle talks rookie Elijah Mitchell and him replacing an injured Raheem Mostert.
4:38 George Kittle loves seeing the talent at tight end position in the NFL.
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  • Are these guys like still fn’ social distancing is that why there’s no table and these guys are so far away from each other??? What a joke

  • Great Job Max love the interview 👏 👍 🙌 👌 💪 😀 👏 👍

  • I don't wanna hear/watch Max talk about Nothin other than boxing. ESPN failed again

  • I’m happy for Max …this is a show that’s on the way up and first take is on its way out

  • Being a niner fan right now is like dating a girl you know your going to break up with you still love her but it’s time to move on

  • I am Watching this because MAX is in the building

  • Max kellerman never had the makings of a varsity athlete

  • George kittle gonna be an analyst some day, he is so well spoken

  • I've always said this Max's swagger is just different on Radio, even if you go back and listen to him and Wiley it just hits different.

  • Max is the man. One of the best. Stephen A. can’t do without Max.

  • hey im a 49ers fan

  • 49ner empire we just going to keep balling no matter what lets go yes sir Philly u next🎥😳😒🙏

  • Niners should be rank 16 at least 🤣🤣🤣 they have a horrible defense

    • They dialed back the defense when Jason Verrett got hurt and then Al-Shaair got a stinger but came back, yeah 16 points given up in the final like 3 minutes isn’t good but they were saving the defense from having what happened last year in week 2

    • Who’s your team


  • 9ER 24/7!!! hopefully well learn from our mistakes to get better

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • 2:15 Trey Lance sure don’t make the same mistake twice

  • Fire Max Kellerman

  • Love the interviews Max…so glad your away from the circus ! Keep up the great job! 🤙

  • Max killing it in his new role!

  • i love u max thank you

  • max is better without steph . Max makes better points, better analysis

    • the Iguodala of analysis

  • That’ll the heart and soul of the 49ers!!! GO 49ERS!!!

  • Need to trade Jimmy for a starting cornerback before bye week. In the meantime bring Sherman back as a safety and move ward to cb. Barrett injury puts the niners at the bottom of NFC west

    • @Mack Daddy you name Kelly and Nolan and ignore duhhh-tomsula? 🤣

    • The original post want to seem smart but failed miserably. Who is Barrett?

    • @bang bang niner gang My team destroyed your team in the SuperBowl “twice” 😂. The Vegas Zebras 🦓 😂

    • @Mack Daddy lmao how about your team

    • @Elias Gonzalez this toad wants Jimmy out so they can go back to mediocrity like the chip Kelly and mike nolan days 😂

  • It was Detroit... who wouldn't try it lol

  • it is 2021 rounding 2022 why is this available in only 720p and the audio is a$$ cheeks? smh.

  • My Favorite TE Of All Time

  • This show more informative and entertaning than Firts Take

    • What show do you watch to stay informed on the climate emergency

  • I don't remember seeing ESPN post this much KJ&M content before max

    • max is good i'm all in

    • Also feels like they upticked their First Take output, although I haven't watched a single one of them

  • Gotta get my YAC!

  • I remeber everyone was saying jimmy G was better than Brady LMFAO

  • Popular Opinion: Every single one of y'all agrees M A X made our Day much🔴🔴:

  • Minstrel of a Stephen A.

  • I can’t tell if he’s just trying to have his guy Jimmy’s back. But it sounds like Trey Lance isn’t ready yet. When you hear him say “he’s definitely a rookie” that stuck out.

    • Been saying it since the season started. He was never ready regardless of what the media or fans thought. When u have 400 passes in the last 2 years in small A college you're not gonna be ready to play NFL football as a starter in your first year. No matter what

  • Same with the bears fields and Andy

  • First what? Stephen A Who?

  • Congrats Max on escaping the minstrel show that is First Take

    • @Katie H go compare SAS speech patterns when he hams it up to say idk Arsenio Hall doing the Miss Black Awareness bit in Coming to America or any other black preacher goof.

    • @E Ardlow nah, white people love minstrels

    • that sounds very racist...

    • I hope you're not white

  • KJM is a better trio than the Heatles. Change my mind.

    • They’re awesome…but stop it😂