Carmelo is telling the story of his journey in a new memoir 📖👏 |

Objavljeno 14. sep. 2021
Carmelo is telling the story of his journey in a new memoir 📖👏 |

Carmelo Anthony tells Stephen A. Smith about his new memoir, entitled Where Tomorrows Aren't Promised.

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  • Full interview:

  • Why Melo look like Pop Smoke 💨

  • 2021 social justice champion??? 🥴

  • SAS and the rest of the media created the narrative that Melo was washed.

  • Pop smoke???

  • Another money making scheme

  • Does anyone care?

  • Will he talk about Jeremy Lin stealing his thunder?

  • Fire this dude pleeeeease

  • Melo

  • Melo loses La La 💔 but still ends up in La La Land. 🤣

  • 12th comment

  • Tell the real story melo

  • 🏀👍🏾

  • Everyone let’s work together please and let’s make Max new show #1 in ratings !!!! SA thinks he has all the power but he fails to recognize that he didn’t make is show number 1 , WE DID !!! WE gave him the tv ratings he’s so filled with pride and boastful over !!!! Let’s take the support we gave him and let’s now give it to MAX with his new show !!! Let’s make his show number 1 !!!!! We have the power not SA !!!!!

  • We miss Kobe.

  • Hes gotta fix that hairstyle tho

  • I wrote a memoir too! Looking forward to learning more about Melos story 🙌

  • Melo 37 with side braids 😂😂😂

  • Game of Zones: The Power of the Enchanted Cloak

  • "2021 Social Justice Champion Award" That has to be the most woke award in sports.